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Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Housing sector has largely been neglected by various Governments in Pakistan. If at all, it got any attention of the Political Leadership, it never moved beyond mere political slogans. Even if some work was done at the government level, it did not move beyond some desire and discussions, and not even put on any drawing table.

Pakistan is currently facing an overall housing backlog of 11-12 million housing units. The urban housing shortage is estimated to be around 4 million. Pakistan’s urban population is one-third of the total population, which is expected to reach 50% by 2050. Most of the urban housing backlog is in low and lower-middle income segments of the population. On the supply-side, the housing developer industry has been active in supplying units to middle and upper-middle segments of the population. The people at the Bottom-of-Pyramid (BoP), overall estimated at 20% of the population, largely live-in illegal habitat, squatter settlements, and slums (Katchi Abadis). Housing supplies for low and lower-middle segments are commonly termed as Social Housing Segment, while housing market for upper-middle and high-end segments of the population are known as Market Housing Segment.

To provide common people their own house, Government of Pakistan launched “NAYA PASKIATAN HOUSING SCHEME”. Under which you can buy or build 5 or 10 marla houses with banks providing up to 90% financing. The return period of that loan is up to 20 years. Some key features of this scheme are as follows:

# Allowed Covered Area Total Area Price
1 850 Sq-Ft 5 Marla House (1200 Sq-Ft) Rs. 35,00,000/-
2 1100 Sq-Ft 10 Marla House (2500 Sq-Ft) Rs. 60,00,000/-

Bank Features & Benefits

  • Bank will provide up to 90% Financing.
  • Any person holding NCNIC can apply for loan, bank will provide these loans for 5,10 & 20 years as per customers choice.
  • For 5 marla House, first 5 years, Markup will be fixed at 5% & 7% for next 5 years.
  • For 10 marla House, first 5 years Markup will be fixed at 7% & 9% for next 5 years.
  • Markup after 10 years will be applicable according to Market Rate.

How we Help You

To avail this scheme, you must submit a proper application with relevant documents (i.e., BOQ, House plan etc.). We help you in this process. We will make these documents for you and guide you so that your application can be accepted without any hustle.